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Hello Please do not mind with my silly question in this forum,just i am learning to know some details about website building, recently i have booked domain name. Myself I would like to design my own website. Basically it is static website, only single page i want to design. my main purpose is to seel products in online. so please give me some suggestion, I would like to design on dreamweaver, I do not have knowledge on this, but i am making with my friend. i planed so, please tell for uploading web pages, what r the main pages i mean folders are required to upload the website. what about root file index file etc.. i do not know the clear picture about it, please if any body can help then i thank ful to you.

and one more doubt , suppost i want to sell my product with using paypal account,how i can set up paypal, i have already login paypal and in the edit profile column, i have created a button, but i do not know when customer after making payment, how it has to come back to my website, and how he can down load the product, and pelase tell me if there is a health tip ebook, so the down loading file should be in which format, i do not know, can any body explain.

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welcome to webmaster serve, we will be very please to help guide you in your site building process. You have done the right thing, you have your own domain name.

Since the site you want to build is a site for selling items, you can go about it in a number of ways, here are the options:
1. build a webpage and add a "buy now" button on the page, visitors to your site will just click on the button, they are taken to PayPal and the process is completed.
2. You an use an ecommerce shopping cart like the one offered by Boss Cart. This is actually a complete website, all you have to do is upload it to your website, add your details and add your paypal ID.

Once I know which of the two options you will be following I will be able to help you better.



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use a script to run your site. you might want to check ZenCard wich is free.

what items are you going to sell?

I can offer you a audomated ebook store script for just 25$
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