Help Me/Question What? If Robot.txt Blocked?


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Anyone help me with this what to do if Robot.txt tester is blocked a webpage or website by default?


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Nothing happen by default.
If you have mentioned a specific page or any URl, then and then only robots will block it from being crawled and indexed!
It Robot.txt tester is blocking any web page, you need to remove it from robots.txt file. Remove that URL from "disallow" function.

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Anyone help me with this what to do if Robot.txt tester is blocked a webpage or website by default?
Follow the mentioned steps:
By default, everything is allowed in the robots.txt file. So if there is something disallowed, it must be done manually!
If you want to remove that blocked page, simply remove that URL from "disallow:"
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A robots.txt file tells search engine crawlers which pages or files the crawler can or can't request from your site. This is used mainly to avoid overloading your site with requests; it is not a mechanism for keeping a web page out of Google. To keep a web page out of Google, you should use noindex tags or directives, or password-protect your page.


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And if they do that then it could happen that we index this URL without any content because its blocked by robots.txt. Whereas if they're not blocked by robots.txt you can put a noindex meta tag on those pages.


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Robots.txt file is an important file where search engine spiders and crawlers visit it and then they follow what paths and URLs to crawl or not... In other words Robots.txt file acts like a commander and pass command to search engine bots which file or URL to crawl or which URL not to crawl...


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An initially validated robot.txt file is not enough to ensure that this is not going to change. You need a robots.txt file only if you have certain portions of your website. We can't stress this enough, but having one line in your robots that blocks. The 403 and 404 codes, which mean that the page was not found and hence.