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Ranking factor is a factor that the search engine takes into account when ranking a website. Some of the ranking factors are page title, unique content and the number of backlinks. No one knows how many ranking factors Google use but there are a lot of blogs that managed to compile a list of ranking factors that are actual as well as speculated. Both onsite and offsite factors are taken into account when ranking a website.


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Why isn't Google more see-through on exactly what you need to do to rank better of your sites? What technical strategies do you adopt to get better rank?
According to John Mueller, If Google finds pages are ranking that are not as relevant to users or theme of the site and accordingly the algorithm will adjust and your site will go back to where it was.


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Ranking factors can identify with a site's substance, specialized execution, client signals, backlink profile or some other highlights the web search tool thinks about applicable.


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One thing google is adding this year is that your mobile site, and how well it displays, will become your "primary" site for ranking purposes. So time to brush that up!

Another thing that google is going to start doing this year is considering how long users stay on your site. It will start hurting your search engine results if users click your site and quickly back out. Obviously you have to get high enough on the SERPs before you start considering that factor.
When we try to search for results based on a keyword at that time how search engine will decide which site should be visible at the 1st and which one should be at last because on WWW there are many sites with similar content and goals.

At this point comes the Explicit use of Ranking. Ranking factor is responsible for declaring the popularity of the website to search engine so it can view that result as per the popularity. In short Ranking factor tell us the popularity of that website.

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That's what SEO is actually aimed for. They make a website look popular. Pay attention: make look. Those who really make a website popular are marketers.


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On page factors are main to improve the ranking of the website. If we have strong on page on our website after we can create the high quality backlink to improve search engine ranking.
Ranking factors can relate to a website's content, technical implementation, user signals, back link profile or any other features the search engine considers relevant.


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Google sets HTTPS deadline for converting your website With SSL Certificates from HTTP to HTTPS, and it will become a major factor in rankings because Google aim is to provide secure and accurate results.

Currently, Google holds the browser usage majority of 50%, which is key of analytics reports they receive on a regular basis. Those sites running HTTPS connection will find difficulty in rankings because Google will discourage them.

You have to acquire an SSL certificate that will create a secure connection and convert HTTP to HTTPS. It does come at a high price, but what not many people know that many hosting companies provide Free SSL certificate that can help you big time.


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Ranking Factors describes the criteria applied by search engines when evaluating web pages in order to compile the rankings of their search results. They can relate to a website’s content, technical implementation, user signals, backlink profile or any other features the search engine considers relevant.


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Ranking factors consist of many updated metrics that collaborates with different signals from the websites to the users and search engines.

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The term “Ranking Factors” describes the criteria applied by search engines when evaluating web pages in order to compile the rankings of their search results. ... Understanding ranking factors is a prerequisite for effective search engine optimization.