Help Me/Question What is a search engine bot?


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Search Engines are, for the most part, entities that rely on automated software agents called spiders, crawlers, robots and bots. These bots are the seekers of content on the Internet, and from within individual web pages.


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Search engine bots, sometimes called crawlers, are used by Internet search engines to collect information about Web sites and individual Web pages.


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Search Engine bots are the spiders or crawlers those crawl the web pages of a site , to provide the websites the search engine ranking.


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Bots are the software programs that crawl your site for ranking, indexing and returning it in SERPs.


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Googlebot is Google's web crawling bot (sometimes also called a "spider"). Crawling is the process by which Googlebot discovers new and updated pages to be added to the Google index.

Monica Chortle

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Hey guys, I think search engine bot is a program runs by different search engines to index each and every web pages available online on the internet. This helps search engines on order to process with the results.|
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Mangat Singh Dhiman

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Search Engine Bot can access and read all the content from within a web site must be a core part of any search engine optimization strategy. When a web page is submitted to a search engine, the url is added to the search engine bots queue of websites to visit.