My 2 Cents What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Pooja Sharma

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It is mechanism for the computers to perform tasks just like human brains do. Example of artificial intelligence is a robot. You will give command and it will perform functions for you.Computers are fundamentally well suited to performing mechanical functions, using fixed programmed rules. This allows artificial machines to perform simple monotonous tasks efficiently and reliably, which humans cannot.

Swati Mishra

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Artificial intelligence is the creation of intelligence of machine which react like human. Artificial intelligence is used for problem solving and Robotics is the important feild of the artificial intelligence.

Prasoon Arora

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You would have experienced by just saying to your mobile devices and the text getting typed, robots working as per your instructions.
Artificial instructions are set of software commands or machines that acts accordingly to the happenings. There are many other live examples as flying drone, video games, irobot and more.

Zirkon Kalti

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RankBrain is a query processing tool that uses artificial intelligence to determine how websites are ranked. RankBrain in Google can guess the synonyms of a word the user query for in the search engine and show relevant results. For example,


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An example of AI is in video games. In a FPS game, you expect the enemies you're shooting to act intelligently. A bad FPS game will have terrible AI, making the game too easy to beat.


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You are right, In the artificial intelligence program, computer system learn the concept and apply these concepts according to real time situation. It is not intended for only one task like conventional computer. Example - Cloning of the doctors. Clone of the doctor take care of the patient when doctor are not available.