Tutorial What Is Back-end In Pogramming Language

Pooja Sharma

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Back- end is a server which accepts the request or data from the front end and process or store it according to the request of front end.
Example of back end software are as mentioned below :
Oracle, MS SQL, Server,DB2,SYBASE etc.

Prasoon Arora

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Backend acts as a bridge for data which flows from database system to the front end. Back end also gives the support to front end and helps front end not to get corrupted with its functionalities to handle and manage the data flow properly and make the response as asked.

Manish Mishra

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The back end is always consider to be a database only because a program cannot be complete it does not has a database to deal with. A program or a user input, either small or large database needed a concept or an approach to store it and this is why back end program needed badly in a software.


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A computer processor always accepts the command in low level language. assembly program is the low level language which is understand by the processor. The program which is written for execution of high level language i.e. micro programming is known as back end programming.