My 2 Cents What Is Data Dictionary?


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Data dictionary is basically used to provide the knowledge about the data that is to be stored into the database. It includes:
  • Name
  • Datatype
  • Range
  • Access authorization
  • Source
Data dictionary is also used by the programmer to develop the programs, queries, managing and manipulating data. It is available to DBA's, designers and authorized users.

Types of data dictionary:
  • Active data dictionary: also known as integrated data dictionary that is managed by the DBMS. Thus the information contained in it is always current.
  • Passive Data Dictionary: also known as non-integrated data dictionary that have to be manually maintained by the user of the system.

Swati Mishra

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A data dictionary is the tool which is used for containing in the information about store the information concerning the external, conceptual and internal level of the database.