My 2 Cents What Is Data Independence?

Swati Mishra

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The data independence is the work just as the abstract data type in C++ programming language. Both are the hiding useless information from the user, this allows user to work on the general structure.
Data independence also allow for the changes at the one level of database without affecting any other level. There are the two types of the data independence.
  1. Physical data independence: It allows the modification in the physical data storage.
  2. Logical data independence: It allows the modification without affecting the conceptual schema.

Pooja Sharma

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In C++ it is independence between the programs and the data. Data independence plays crucial role in database environment.Some of the features are:
  1. Improve performance.
  2. Change in data structure do not require change in application program.
  3. Allow users to concentrate on the general structure, rather than on low-level implementation details.
  4. Provides efficiency in the programs.
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Swati Mishra

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of course data independence is to improve performance and the files may migrate from the physical media to file structure.All changes will be without change in the application program.


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Data independence means if we change the data at one level that should not affect the data at the another level. Data base does not only stores the user data, along with user data meta data are also stored in the data base. Logical independence means if we perform some chances on the table of some record then it does not affect the physical data. Also if we make changes on the physical data it also does not affect the logical data.