My 2 Cents What Is Data Warehouse

Pooja Sharma

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Data Warehouse is used to analyze data for businesses. Data Warehouse is a type of database that integrates the copies of transaction data from disparate source systems and provisions them for analytical use.For example, source A and source B may have different ways of identifying a product, but in a data warehouse, there will be only a single way of identifying a product.


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Data warehouse is a large large space to kept huge amount of data in the form of data marts. It is the collection of databases. Data warehousing is the process of storing data into these and further data mining is used to extract data from it. ETL is another process used to transfer or migrating data to data warehouse from other data warehouse. Example of data warehouse are SAP ECC , SAP BW , SAP HANA. These are the large warehouses used by big companies.


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Data warehouse capture the data comes from various sources like business , satellite, multimedia, and it manage the data to provide efficient access. Google server is one of the large warehouse in the world. It store each and every type of data which spread through out the world.