My 2 Cents What Is Database Manager?

Swati Mishra

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A database manager is a program module. It is provide the interface between low level data which is stored in database and the application program and the queries submitted to the system.
The database manager is to handle the data which are storing in database and retrieving from database and the updating.
And the database manger also translates the data manipulation language statements into the low level file system commands.The database manager is to handle the backup and recovery in database.

Pooja Sharma

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A database Manager id responsible for storing and organizing data in the database. Database Manager also design and implement new systems. It can be said as a set of computer programs that provide basic database functionalities. A database manager links two or more files together and is the foundation for developing routine business systems.


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dbms is database management system and it is used to store and manage data.
data is nothing but a collection of informations. The data which is stored in the database can be updated and changed. It is used to backup the data.


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We can better understand DBMS meaning by dividing it into tow parts-
Database is the physical storage which store the data in low level format .Low level means it is stored in the form of electrical signals and in the form of magnetic pulses.
Management system is the logical program which deals which Storing , Accessing and management of the data.

Prasoon Arora

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Database manager is a user interface program or software or module which helps in performing various tasks like updating data, deleting unused data, adding more information and store them in order to get the information to be used for future reference when someone wants them.