Help Me/Question What Is Deadlock? How Can It Be Avoided? How Can It Be Resolved Once It Occurs?

steve taylor

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When two or more transactions are waiting on a shared resource which is never allocated to transaction. Deadlock can be prevented by requesting transactions to acquire all locks at the same time so no waiting occur. Once it occur the only way to cure it to abort one of the transactions and assign resource to partially completed process.

Swati Mishra

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Deadlock is a situation that is not going to have an end. It is just like a loop that has infinite times to be executes.
e.g. A program seeking few resources and there is one resource missing and the program keep looking for that, it let the program get into deadlock situation.


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Deadlock : Deadlock is a situation where two or more transections are waiting for some shared resource and none of them are able to complete the transection.
Reason for Deadlock : one of the major reason for deadlock is Concurrent access to the database.It is a common problem in multiprocessing, parallel computing and distributed systems.
Deadlock Handling: there are various methods for handling deadlock such as
  1. Deadlock ignorance
  2. Deadlock detection
  3. Deadlock prevention
  4. Deadlock avoidance.


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Dead lock is a abnormal condition in which all the processes waiting for some resources which is never allocate to them. There are several deadlock avoidance mechanism available one of them is - Only allocate the resource to the process if it is not holding the another resources.
We can resolve the deadlock by killing the one of the process involved in the deadlock.

Pooja Sharma

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Deadlock is a situation where multiple programs updates two rows of information and blocking the entities Deadlocks are not healthy for a system. In case a system is stuck in a deadlock, the transactions involved in the deadlock are either rolled back or restarted. It is a competing process between two programs.

Prasoon Arora

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Deadlock is the situation which comes with the confusion or dependence on other as if there are two actions need to be taken and none works as if allowing to complete the other.

Lets take an example of Two action A and B.
B is dependent on A to complete the transaction as soon as A completes.
A is dependent of B to get the transaction completed and move further.