Help Me/Question What Is Difference Between Pre Tag And P Tag?

Doominic anderson

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HTML has lot's of tag which is used to create a static webpage,after introducing HTML5 some other tags are also increased like audio,video,canvas,command e.t.c.
P tag is used for paragraph writing,if you want to write a long description of something containing several sentences together.
What is the difference between P tag and Pre tag?


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The text that we write in a <pre> element is usually displayed in fixed width font and that usually is Courier font.It preserves both spaces & line breaks.


The text written in <p> tag is formatted in a paragraph format. We need to open as well as close the <p> tag.


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<p> tag means paragraph tag that is you are writing in paragraph format in between <p> tag.
whereas <pre> tags means what ever you write in between <pre> tag browser display it as it is and pre tag always comes in courier font.


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<pre> tag is show that what are you type in <pre> tag in <pre> tag you have to tell that when you want to drop a new line but
in <p> tag automatically drop the new line with warp,<p> tag is use for paragraphs, It is start with <p> and end with the include only "/" in <p> that means </p>

niranjan kumar

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p tag is used in html for making a paragraph in web page. in almost webpage <p> tag is used for making a paragraph, when you are designing a web page there are some content that you need to show on webpage these content are necessary to show .


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The <p> tag is referring to the blocked element “Paragraph”. The <pre> tag is referring to the element “Preformatted Text”.