Help Me/Question What Is Different In Paid Social Media Setup?


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Nowadays there is a new trend of paid social media sites that pay members to be active in a social media site. There have been new entrants in the field like Whzon. Do you think they are as good as usual social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc?

I think paid social media sites lack the most important aspect of emotional bonding among members. Members in paid programs only focus on earning money and not on the quality of interactions. On the other hand in a site like Facebook people use to get in touch with their dear ones. A paid setup may also encourage unhealthy competition to earn more money by posting vague materials.

What are your views on paid social media setup?


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Yes, it's true that it defeats the purpose of social media that primarily encourage deepening of relationships. However, paid social media setup is also a good way to introduce something that could enhance or add up to the knowledge and help improve the lives of the users through providing ads.