Help Me/Question What Is Dml (data Manipulation Language)?

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Data manipulation language (DML) that enable users to access on manipulate (read , write, update) data as that is organised by appropriate data models.
Procedure of the data manipulation language :-
Data manipulation language (DML) requires a user to specify the what data are needed and how to get those data from data base.


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Data Manipulation Language : DDL commands are basically used to manipulate the data stored in the database.The various commands included in DML are:
  1. Select: select command is used to fetch the data stored in database.
  2. Insert: insert command is used to insert the data into the database.
  3. Delete: delete command is used to delete data stored in database.
  4. Update: update command is used to update the data stored in database.


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Data manipulation language is a database programming language which provide the syntax for inserting the data in the existing table, retrieving the data from table and also provide syntax for updation and deletion of the data in the data base table. Basically it is a part of SQL language.

Swati Mishra

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we use the insert command for inserting the data, deleting the data for delete data and the update command is use to updation in data. these all are the data manipulation language.

saurabh mathur

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A DML is the family computer language which include the commands permitting users to manipulate data in the database. It is actually a command in database management system. These are the commands which are used in DML such as: query, modify, delete data in the database. It is the vocabulary used to retrieve and work with data in SQL server.


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A data manipulation language is a computer programming language used for adding, deleting, and modifying data in a database.
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