My 2 Cents What Is E- R Model?

Swati Mishra

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E- R model is Entity relationship model. Entity relationship model is using the three features to describe data.

Entities: Which specify distinct real world items in an application.

Relationships: which connect entities and represent meaningful dependencies between them

Attributes: which specify properties of entities and relationships

There may be four types of relationships in Entity relationship model.

One –to –one relationship(1:1)

One -to - many relationship(1:N)

Many-to-one relationship(N:1)

Many-to -many relationship(N:N)

steve taylor

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ER diagram stand for Entity Relationship Diagram. It is the graphical representation of logical database.ER diagram is the theoretical approach of database design.It helps to understand overall system functionality of the database. It describes about all the entity are there in the database and their relationship.


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The ER model defines the conceptual view of a database. It works around real-world entities and the associations among them. At view level, the ER model is considered a good option for designing databases.
The various components of E-R model are :
Entity: An entity can be a real-world object, having its own characteristics and behaviour. It is represented by rectangle.
Attributes: attribute defines the characteristics or properties of a particular colour, shape, size, etc. It is represented by oval shape.
Relationship: The association among entities is called a relationship. For example,a student enrols in a course. It is represented by a diamond box.


Manish Mishra

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Talking more practically, the E-R model and flow chart has developed that are the simplest form to describe a logical execution of a set of programs or database handling.
A program can be distributed in several phases if it use a proper way or flow chart and for the database handing you can use the E-R diagram to make it more simpler.
Remember! a program can be well written if the basic grounding of logical data is prepared.


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In the software development there are some fundamental phase like analysis, design , coding, testing, implementation and then support. The second phase is focus on design and it is actually a paper work. Its give the clear cut idea about whole project and it is very simple to understand the whole system. Like this ER model is the design sketch of the database. It draw for clear understanding of whole system working.