My 2 Cents What Is Encapsulation And Data Hiding?

steve taylor

White Belt
Encapsulation is also called as data hiding.
In data hiding detailed of the class are hidden from external user.
It is the process of combining function and data into a single unit called class.
When the method of encapsulation applied then member function and data of the class can not be directly access by the external class.

Swati Mishra

Content Writer
Encapsulation is the process by which we can hide the data depending on the situation and needs of the program. Whereas, a straight data hiding is the technique that encourage to hide the data from outside the class or the world where you want it to be hidden. Both are the same process having different reason and time to use.


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Encapsulation is the technique of binding the data and method into a single unit known as class whereas data hiding is the technique of hiding the data from external misuse and interference. The only way to access the data is through the methods that are wrapped in that class.


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Encapsulation and data hiding feature of the Object Oriented programming provide the better security of the function and data. Encapsulation means enclose the data and function in a single unit . Data hiding protect the data from external function so external function can not access the data member.