Tutorial What Is Front-end In Programming

Pooja Sharma

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Front-end in programming is responsible for interacting with the user as well as is responsible for receiving user's queries request and includes graphical user interfaces and input forms which helps user to interacts with the system.
Example of front-end software are as follow:- All the GUI software like; visual basic developer,html,xml etc.

Prasoon Arora

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For any applications or the user interface front end is responsible to make the software or applications to be preferred more and more. If front end is getting complicated it would be difficult to manage further functional actions for the program to work properly.

Manish Mishra

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A software what needs to begun is called front end, a basic structure that defines the detailed of a software considering there will be back end support. Generally, programming languages that explains the entire software is commonly known as front end programming.


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Generally program and application are divided according to its interaction, first one is front end and second one is back end. Front end deals with user query like receiving user input data, and displaying the calculated result on the console or on the output device.