Help Me/Question What Is Google Bowling?


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Google Bowling, also called "reverse SEO" is a technique, based on the simple fact that there is a second way of getting on top of the Google search results:- increasing your own rank -decreasing your competitor's rank.


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Google Bowling means Manipulating the outer positioning components that Google uses to punish a site against your rivals (or somebody you simply would prefer like or not to show up in the SERPs). There is one thing that secures a site against Google Bowling - a strong back connection profile of its own


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Google Bowling also called "reverse SEO” is a technique to manipulating the outside ranking factors that Google uses to make somebody pay a site.

Monica Chortle

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I know as far as google Bowling also called "reverse SEO " is a technique to Manipulating the external ranking factors that Google uses to penalize a site .


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Google bowling is a black hat technique. It is to point hundreds of poor links and low-ranking sites to competitors web pages. You can hurt your competitor ranking through this technique.

Kristen Brown

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Google Bowling - Building bad backlinks you need to build to harm a competitor's website. Google started penalizing sites that purchase site-wide text link ads to get lots of incoming links in a hurry. Unscrupulous webmasters realized that this could be used against competitor sites by linking to them instead of their own site.