Tutorial What Is Hacking?

Swati Mishra

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In early 90’s, there was the technique emerged of programmer who were proficient in machine codes and knowing the system. These were the guys who were able to solve the issue happen internally and engage in software companies that serve to help with these techniques. A malpractice of these techniques has been widely popular and known as hacking. It is the situation when one’s system or device gets in control of others without your knowledge or permission. This also could lead to harm someone materially or mentally through the hacking process. These days it is widely practice to earn money or stealing someone private information.

Hacker & hacking culture:

We can define the characteristics of hacker is not the activity perform by them, but the which manner it is done. The term “hacks”, activities of playful cleverness can be said to have “hack value”.

The intense of hacker’s interest in computer and programming can become a communication barrier. A hacker neglect useless things and they spend their time (in which they work) on a computer program. Hackers associate with other people with their same interest with the help of computer network. Hackers would setup and visit bulletin board system (BBS), before the internet become easily accessible. A hacker can host a bulletin board system on their own system and let people dial into the system to send messages, share information, play games and download programs. Hacker found one another, information exchange increased.

The word hacker means security breakers we can call also crackers, some of these hackers also became experts at accessing password-protected computers, files, and networks, and this is called crackers. Crackers may two types.

  • White hat crackers: The white hat cracker may be good crackers, who use their system security related knowledge to learn how to systems work and to help to search and fix security holes.

  • Black hat crackers: The black hat cracker may be bad crackers, who use the same skills to author harmful software like exploits, worms, viruses, malwares, Trojan horse etc and illegally infiltrate secure system with the bad intention of doing harm to the computer system.

How hacker hack the website?

Hacking is growing threat for every business it may be large business or may be small business.
Hackers is stealing confidential data, taking control of your system, or stop your website, it can impact any business at any time.

Now a day it is common, website get hacked because of these three things.

  • Access Control
  • Software vulnerabilities
  • Third Party Integration

Hackers can attack in different ways, here is describe the way hacker can break the security of your site.

  • Broken authentication: Hacker can take full advantage, if the authentication system of website is weak. A hacker can access account from anywhere, if authentication systems involve passwords, session id and cookies can allow hacking.

If hacker breaks the security, they can easily access the identity of user.

  • Technical Injection attack: if the security of SQL database is weak then Injection attack can occurs. These are the social security numbers, credit card details or pin number are
Insecure then the hacker can easily access the data and hack the account.

  • Cross site scripting attack: When the program, URL is being in process and data in packet is sent to server and bypassing the validation process is called cross site scripting. We can call the cross site scripting is xss. In the cross site scripting user session id sent to the server.

How to protect the computer from the hacker:

There are various ways to avoid these hacking practices and you always need to be alert to be on safer side.

Use of antivirus: Install foolproof antivirus software that can protect your website from worms, malware, viruses and with any suspicious activities. This will also protect you from any hardware/software issues or with any open door to protect from.

Avoid vulnerabilities on your PC: You should only install the trusted software program and should avoid downloading anything from non-trusted websites. You also should avoid e-mail from unknown sources and just either ignore or delete it right away.

Avoid using others Hardware: You should avoid using anyone else hardware when you re not sure. Most of the time it happens when you plug someone’s external hard disk/pen drives or any other storage devices, if it contains the viruses it will go through to your PC and execute the virus issue on your PC to transfer any data to the hacker database.


It's Game Time!
First of all, I really hate hackers. There was one time that my Wordpress website was hacked by someone, and it forced myself to recover and reset all stuff to get back to normal. I am not a fan of a cyber group named Anonymous, in which they are beyond expert in hacking things for good. But what I do like about them is that they are against ISIS terrorists, and they have hacked their Twitter accounts and reveal their locations for the armies to eliminate them once and for all. But I think this is too much off topic. Anyways, I am now protecting my computer with antivirus to prevent vulnerability to hacking.

Manish Mishra

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Hacking is of course a bad practice. But it is not hackers who hack our website finding easy doors, instead we offer them to hack our website with no or less protection. Even if a site is compromised, if you have the backups you just do not need to worry at all. Hackers just perform coding activities they put into our website script.
WordPress is pretty common hacking platform. But if we perform some good protection it won't be easy, though.


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Hacking is not an easy task to do. Hackers we see in movies are completely a lie, hacking takes a lot of time and a lot of research about the person. We get hack because of our lack of knowledge to secure our accounts, example of these are;

  • Using common passwords such as, "password", "qwerty123", "123467890"
  • Using passwords that clearly talks about the user such as date of birth, nickname, name of special persons
  • Easily fooled by fake emails, fake websites and fake persons
Hacking can be easily avoided.


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A lot of information regarding hacking and hacker have been share here. Thanks to the writer, and I would like to add my opinion as well.

Hacking to prevent criminals from bad activities is good while if a person learns to hack and apply deciding to damage harmless databases and sites, needs to be punished.


Hacking is not a bad thing or practice if you are doing for a right objective. For example if you are hacking a wanted person's account or any other source then it is not bad but really appreciated. But people are using hacking tricks nowadays only to make fun of others.

suzzi winget

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hacker is one who knows everything related to computer and who intentionally access someone's account for many of the reasons like to get money,and to destroy somebody...hacking is the process of increasing threats to the business...it is a bad thing and one who do it illegally is called as criminal..hackers usually do it to get money and to transfer money into their account..
in order to be save from hackers...one must use password which is very uncommon and not known to everybody...

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I was really impressed of your article. It is too comprehensive. It covers everything about hacking. I salute for being an expert on this field. It is well researched. I am just wondering why it is being uploaded here for it is a professional write-up, including the pictures which are very appropriate to the article written. Kudos for such excellent post. This is not only classified as tutorial, but it is a dissertation paper on hacking.

Zirkon Kalti

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Hackers are responsible for the virus and malware that are widespread on the internet. To prevent your computer from getting hacked, you must never download any software from a site that you do not trust and delete emails from people you don't know or did not subscribe.

Prasoon Arora

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Hackers do not always have wrong intention. The good ones are called Ethical hackers. However, ethical hacking is not that simple. Make sure that you keep your website is protected. If your hosting service provider offers it then you can also password protect your website and give access to limited users depending on the type of website you build.

steve taylor

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Nice tutorial , Hacking means gaining the control of the whole website in our control is known as hacking. Hacking is not always do for personnel benefits because hackers have more idea for finding hole in website and in software as compare the website and software testing team. For this reason some websites Hire the hackers permanent for securing their websites to another outside hackers.

Pooja Sharma

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Hacking has become a major threat now a days. it is term used when some unauthorized person tries to enter the software illegally to do unethical work which may include deleting the data or adding wrong and inappropriate data. Hacking is also done to get some confidential information. Using antivirus has become must now. You can also follow a method of encryption and decryption.


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Hacking means gaining the authorized right illegally. Hackers are a person they posses strong programming skill. They able to find weak point or whole in the system and then reveal the admin password and all system rights.Hackers are categorized into three category - White hat hacker , Black hat hacker, and Gray hat hacker.


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Well, everyone is well aware of hacking in today's time. But ethical hacking is very beneficial when we think from national security perspective.


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Hacking is finding ways to make something do something it wasn’t originally intended or designed to do. Hacking in and of itself is not a negative thing. Hacking is gaining a deep understanding of how something works and finding ways to manipulate it, and it predates computers.


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Hacking is unauthorized intrusion into a computer or a network. The person engaged in hacking activities is generally referred to as a hacker. Hackers are categorized into three category - White hat hacker , Black hat hacker, and Gray hat hacker.

Ridhu Dhadwal

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Hacking is of course a bad practice. But it is not hackers who hack our website finding easy doors, instead we offer them to hack our website with no or less protection.