Help Me/Question What Is Hierarchical And Network Database Model?

steve taylor

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The hierarchical model is a top down model where each parent node may have many child but each child can have only one parent. This model supports one to many and one to one relationships.

Network model is much more flexible model since each parent can have multiple child but each child can also have multiple parents. This model support one to many , many to many and one to one relationships.


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Heirarchical model depicts parent child relationship where a parent node can have multiple child nodes. It usually forms a tree like structure.The major disadvantange of heirarchical model is it can not represent many to one or many to many relationships as here in this model a parent can have multiple child but a child can not have multiple parents.


Network model is more powerful and flexible than heirarchical model as it can represent many to one as well as many to many. There is no such concept of parent child hence any node can point to the other is more like graphical representation.


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Hierarchical model reduce the access time. In hierarchical model data base organised in a tree like structure which provide accessibility of the data from data base.
In the network model all the database are connected through a network. In the network database model client does not have their local disk it access the data from database only in the network.

Swati Mishra

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Tree structure occur in the hierarchical model,in the hierarchical database consist of collection of record which are connected to each other with the link.