Help Me/Question What Is Link Velocity?


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Link velocity is the speed of link growth to a webpage or domain. It is measured as new links per months.

Lisa Green

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Link velocity is known as the rate at which other websites linked to your website. Or rate of time at which your website grows. It is one of SEO tool.
Link velocity is the rate at which your no of backlinks are increasing.
However, higher link velocity does not mean high SEO ranking of the website. You should try to gain quality backlinks not high link velocity.

Lisa Green

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Link velocity is known as the rate of providing back links to your website. Or link velocity also known as the rate of links that provide you on your website for establishment of your products.


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Link velocity is the rate at which others are linking to your site. It can be measured in new links per month or new linking root domains per month.
Link velocity is important for those bloggers who are very paranoid about their link profile.
When link velocity is mentioned most people tend to think about the speed at which links are acquired. This is not wrong, but link velocity is not just about the speed of link building and acquiring new links, there are several factors that contribute to link velocity, if it wasn’t so than we would simply call it link speed and not velocity.


Link Velocity is the rate or measurement of backlinks of a particular website. It is the measurement of the quantity of back-links that are effectively indexed in a specific period of time or the no. of links that are de-indexed/destroyed in that time period.


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Link velocity measures the speed of link growth to a page or domain. Using this metrica you can analyze linkbuilding strategy of your competitors or test what speed of backlink earning works better.


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The most important thing with links is to be consistent. Don't get 200 links in a day and then not get any other links for a month. Google's spider hates that kind of thing and will dock you for it.


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Link velocity is the rate at which others are liking back to your website or you can say at which rate your backlink profile is growing over time. You are not bound to achieve higher link velocity to get better results in search results. You should build quality links and not to maintain the higher link velocity that has low quality backlinks.


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Link velocity is simply the rate at which back links are built to a web site. If a site contains good quality, useful content, links from other sites would naturally occur randomly and on a fairly steady basis. Some articles would attract more links than others.