My 2 Cents What Is Local Storage In Html 5?


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As we know local storage means data stored on the local computer. When we fill a lengthy form on the internet and there is chance of internet disconnection. In this case website have need to store the data on the local computer time to time so while internet connection are available then that data are fetched by the server from the local computer. It can be achieve by the HTML 5 coding.

Pooja Sharma

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With HTML Local Storage websites can store data locally within within the browser without any threat of losing the data. Whenever you wish to can extract data from the browser or any other local storage.It is much similar to browser cookies.Cookies are small pieces of data which a server can store in the browser. The cookie is sent by the browser along with all future HTTP requests to the server that set the cookie.


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In HTML5 local storage is a storage that store your web application data on your browser without any losing of your data.
It's object like similar to a regular JavaScript object it means JavaScript is also stored on user's browser.