Help Me/Question What Is Lock Based Protocal?


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In a multiprogramming.where several transactions accomplish at the same time, it is very important to restrict the concurrency of transactions.Concurrency provides serializability of transcations.
Concurrency control is divided into two categories.
Lock based protocols and Time stamp based protocols
so what is lock based protocols? how it is useful in mulitple transcations?

Swati Mishra

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A lock is mechanism to control concurrent access to data item. data can be locked in exclusive and shared mode. Lock request are made to concurrency control manger. Transaction can be proceed after permission granted.
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There are need for lock when shared resources are used by various transaction. Locks are used for providing consistency in data base .Let us take an example . There are a variable A which is used by three processes if process P1 uses the variable then data base manager acquire the lock on variable a so no other process can able to access the variable A while it is uses by process P1