What is Page rank of a web site?

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What are the most effective ways to increase it?
To see pagerank, you need to have Google Google Toolbar installed in your browser. Once you have google toolbar installed and pagerank is enable, you will a bar like the one in the attached image on your browser.

Google award pagerank to website from Zero to 10. The higher your pagerank (also called PR for short) the better.

PR is usually passed from one site to another or from one webpage to another. So to increase PR or your website, you need to get link from other website/web pages with PR, the more links from site with PR pointing to your site, the higher your site likelyhood of getting more PR.




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do link building continuously if possible try to collect some quality back link. think about how to hold good serp rather PR, bcs serp brings traffic for your site.


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Page Rank or PR is Google's system for ranking web pages. PageRank is one of many factors that determine where your web page appears in search result ranking.

Best way of increasing PageRank is, increase BackLinks from relevant, related and high PR websites. Through Directory Submission, Link Exchange, Participate in Forums (Use your site link with a nice anchor text on the signatures of Forums), etc…


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Linking to niche sites with different ip addresses is the best way to build up pr. I use to focus on increasing pr alot (believe it or not Promojunkie.com was a pr8 1 1/2 years ago) however the only effect it really has for a site is for boosting advertisement sales, it doesn't help serps.


The best way to create a blog for your site and also bookmark your post in high page rank bookmark site. Also bookmark your previous article.
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