What is pay-per-click?

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This is an advertising method. You put your advert (link or banner) on different websites or a system deliver them to the ad publishers. The financial settling based on the validated clicks.


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Pay Per Click (PPC) is a pricing model that guarantees that your website will appear in list of results for a search Keywords that have been specified by you, and when a potential customer clicks on advert and goes through to website you have to pay an agreed amount, each time their advertisement is "clicked". Your website's ranking is determined on the basis of what you pay. The highest bidder gets the highest ranking.


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Could you tell me what pay-per-click is? How does it work?
There is a advertiser and a publisher

When some one clicks an ad published by the publisher , then only the advertiser pays the publisher.

In Google Adwords program, Google acts as publisher and publishes ads of Adwords advertisers in its search results.

In Google Adsense , Google allows other sites to act as publishers for ads (of Adwords advertisers) and takes a part on money that advertisers pay.


it's somehow complicated but i can send a tutorial if you want to..
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