My 2 Cents What Is Reengineering?

Pooja Sharma

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Re-engineering is the method of re-thinking the way work is done. It involves examination and analysis of the the processes. It is method of making a re model of any software or program in a more efficient way so as to increase the output as a whole.Sometimes it can be done to find the malicious program in software.


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A company develop a software for their client according to client requirement, after some time if miner changes require then it is easily modified by the system developer . But if client want to switch to their old system to the latest system them there is a need of re- engineering of the whole system according to new hardware, software and client need.

Prasoon Arora

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In order to maintain the business platform I would consider re engineering as the task performed to modify available software or resources to be utilized as per requirements in a way that more positive results are achieved. Reengineering can be performed in regards to business machinery , software or products to make them more compatible and reliable with present need.