Help Me/Question What Is Scraping ?


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Web scraping is a term for various methods used to collect information from across the Internet. Generally, this is done with software that simulates human Web surfing to collect specified bits of information from different websites. Those who use web scraping programs may be looking to collect certain data to sell to other users, or to to use for promotional purposes on a website.


Web Scraping (also termed Screen Scraping, Web Data Removal, Web Harvesting, etc.) is a method employed to remove large amounts of data from websites whereby the data is removed and saved to a local file in your computer or to a database in table (spreadsheet) format.


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Scraping content is taking content from other places on the web and publishing it on your own site. There are many websites that only contain pieces of other websites or stolen content. Many sites will take articles from other websites and publish them as if they were their own, or will copy entire websites.