Help Me/Question What Is Seo For Beginners?


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You have finished your web design, uploaded your files, and set up your blog, but you're still not getting as many visitors as you hoped for. What gives? Chances are you haven't started working on one of the most important ways to market your site, Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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For beginners seo is the techniques to increase the website ranking in search engine result page. One has to optimize the site to increase their ranking. use white hat seo .

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The 12 resources below are, I feel, the best places to learn about SEO.
  1. Moz (previously SEOMoz) ...
  2. Webmaster World. ...
  3. SEO by the Sea. ...
  4. The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Search Engine. ...
  5. Search Engine Journal. ...
  6. Google's SEO Guidelines. ...
  7. Search Engine Land. ...
  8. Marketing Land.


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SEO is a marketing discipline focused on growing visibility in organic search engine results.There are many aspects to SEO, from the words on your page to the way other sites link to you on the web. Sometimes SEO is simply a matter of making sure your site is structured in a way that search engines understand.

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SEO is a marketing discipline focused on growing visibility in organic search engine results. SEO encompasses both the technical and creative elements required to improve rankings, drive traffic, and increase awareness in search engines.For beginners, follow these steps:-
1. Reasearch how to find right keyword
2. crafting your content
3. optimizing your code
4. links within the content
5. traffic trap

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Search Engine Optimization is a process to improve positions in organic search results in Search Engines. The higher the website is, the more people will see it.
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization is the marketing process to increase the visibility of the website or webpage within the organic search results. For beginners, they use the following these steps:-
1. Optimize the Meta title, Keyword and Description.
2. Find the best Keyword
3. Create a unique and well keywords stuff content
4. Proper use of header tag and Image tag


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SEO stands for (search engine optimization) is an internet marketing which helps you to get higher ranking on SERP for specific keywords.


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  • Search engine optimization (SEO) is a process of improving positions in organic (non-paid) search results in search engines.
  • Simply said, SEO is about running the right website for the right people.
  • It isn't only about a perfect structure or technical background of the website.


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SEO is an acronym that stands for search engine optimization, which is the process of optimizing your website to get organic, or un-paid, traffic from the search engine results page. ... Search engines want to provide the best service for their users.