Tutorial What Is Ssl And How To Get One For Free For Wordpress – Part 1


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I love wordpress to death. It's free and you can do anything with it. I mean you can even build an eCommerce website with it. One day you will be able to serve with wordpress. So I was developing this wordpress site my client when he asked me to install an SSL certificate, to which I replied that dude, this is going to cost you yearly. He asked me if this could be done for free.

Now obviously I am here to make a living so I said no, but then I thought why not? Maybe you can get a SSL certificate for free. And so began my night long hunt after which I came out victorious.
So here is how you can get a SSL certificate for free. After reading this post, one of you guys will have to buy me a cup of coffee – deal?

Now before I begin, I am assuming that you guys are familiar the basics of how to work your way around hosting cpanels and everything. If you have installed SSL before, than that is awesome and skip to part 2, if not then I will cover the base for you. I am nice that way.

The website that is going to rescue you and save money is called Lets Encrypt. What a wonderful name. I love these guys. This is for the pros so you don’t have to waste your time reading the whole thing.
You basically share a lot of personal and professional information on your website in the form of contact page, about page, payment gateways, files and what not. This is sensitive information and you need to protect it. Backing up your data is not just enough. Failure to do this will result into spying which will further result into people or hackers using this information to shop in your name and on your card. Not a pleasant story but that is the harsh truth. Not to mention all the weird and nasty stuff they can do once they get hold of SSN numbers or email id details.

This is where SSL comes in. SSL is an encryption technology that encrypts your web sessions so you can securely visit the website. It will encrypt the connection between your web browser like chrome or firefox and the web server where your site is hosted. So if you are building a site for your clients, then his visitors will be able to visit your client's site securely and share their personal or financial information without having to worry too much. A lot of users are now looking for that green lock sign in the browser before sharing any kind of information.

Each SSL is unique and every website is provided one SSL. It's like fingerprints. If the SSL cert does not match then you receive a warning.

This is where Lets Encrypt comes in. An initiative by Internet Research Group, Lets Encrypt provides free SSL certs for you to install on your wordpress powered website. Don’t worry because it is sponsored by the likes of Google, Facebook, Sucuri and Mozilla. Phew.

I have taken a very simple approach at explaining what SSL is and how it can protect you and why you need it. I believe there is a need to s imply things and get things done rather than getting involved in the nitty gritty and make everything overly complicated.