Tutorial What Is Ssl And How To Get One For Free For Wordpress – Part 2


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As we discussed in our last post about the basics of SSL and why we need one, in this post I will cover how you can get an SSL for your wordpress powered site without having to pay an annual fee.
Lets Encrypt is a free service that is sponsored by the likes of Facebook, Cisco, Mozilla, Shopify, Securi and more. An open certificate provider with an aim to secure as many sites as possible. So there are afew ways you can go about this:

The simple way:

Because Lets Encrypt has become popular thanks to all the biggies of the internet supporting the cause, some hosting companies are offering the services by default. You just need to talk to your customer support team to confirm. So the best and the fastest way to do it is to sign up with a service provider that offers it for free. Siteground and Dreamhost is offering this service for free and I am considering to add it too.

Setting up

In case you fail to find a service provider or you are looking to go with a hosting provider that does not offers Lets Encrypt SSL service out of box, then you can set it up yourself.

Lets Encrypt offers a domain based SSL certificate. What this simply means is that if you own a domain name, then you can add SSL to it irrespective of the webhost chosen. The procedure might differ a little from one webhost to another however, should remain same for the most part. In case you are having trouble, you can contact their support and they should be able to help you out. If they do not then you need to consider a new webhost. Honestly.

In order to not waste time and come directly to the wordpress part, here is an excellent guide on installing SSL certificates.

After completing this, you need to update your wordpress urls. Normal sites with no SSL users a url like – Example Domain but after you have installed a SSL cert, it should be Example Domain

The extra "S" in the url after the http means that your site is secure. Go to your Wordpress admin dashboard and click "Settings". Under settings you will find "General".

Under General there are two options which should look something like this:
Screenshot follows:

You just have to add the additional "s" in small caps at the end of the url and save changes.
Screenshot follows:

Important step:

And you are set. So what happens if your site is already live and indexed by search engines without the new urls. There are also chances that other websites and properties have linked to your site. To remedy this you need to redirect the traffic to a secure url.

First search and install this plugin - Really Simple SSL — WordPress Plugins

This plugin will detect the new change in the url automatically, that is it will detect the SSL certificate and the company providing it, and automatically redirect the traffic to the correct url.

And you are done.