Help Me/Question What Is The Advantage Of Using External Style Sheet Over Internal Style Sheet?

steve taylor

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I develop a website in HTML and for styling purpose I use inline stylesheet. Now I plan to used external style sheet for my website. How can I achieve it, Is external style sheet is more effective to manage our web pages as compare to internal style sheet. How much effort required to change internal style sheet to external style sheet.


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I would say there is little effort required. It is advisable to use external style sheets when you have a large project. However, if you have just a single page website, like a landing page or something, it wouldn't make sense to add external style sheet.

Reusability: External style sheets are used when you have to implement the same style across multiple web pages. If you were to write the same piece of code over and over again it would take you a long time. Instead, you can simply create one sheet, include it in all or many of your web pages (as required) and focus on writing actual code.

Maintenance: External style sheets are also useful when it comes to carrying out maintenance work. Say, you decide to overhaul your website's design. Wouldn't it be easy if you could just open up a single file and change style elements using that file instead of editing code on each page, possible risking breaking your code somewhere?

This is why external style sheets make sense.


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It's not that difficult, all you have to do is link the style sheet to your HTML document and then copy all your CSS code into it. It won't take that long but you will see, you will gain by doing this.

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="*.*.css">

This is the code that you have to use.
Inline CSS some of the disadvantages of which includes:
Inline styles must be applied to every element you want them on.
It’s impossible to style pseudo-elements and classes with inline styles.

There are many advantages for using external CSS and some of are:
Reduced file-size
Less load time
Full Control of page structure


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If you use external style sheet, It is better than inline or internal style sheet.
You can design multiple page by a single style sheet. you can also change your entire website style.
a external style sheet can be reduced your file size
But it has some dis advantage extra download is required for your website.