Help Me/Question What Is The Best Alternative Of Java Programming

Doominic anderson

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We all know that Java has a rich library of tools for developing a software or application.
But if i don't want to learn java programming,but i want to make a software or application,is there any language which provides tools like java and easy to learn through myself.

Tom Netter

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Yes, C# will be one candidate. It is said that C# and Java are rivals. Almost everything you can do in Java can be achieved in C#. When I joined in an IT MNC the main streams were Java, .Net( C# is based on .Net framework ), Mainframes and Testing. Both Java and C# have similar concepts and somewhat similar syntaxes. It said that, if you are good in any of those then you can learn the other very easily

Manish Mishra

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@Tom Netter : I agreed!
If you are looking to find an alternate of Java, C# is the best alternatives.
Mind you, both are very competitive languages and they also made its own network. Companies deal with one should not look for the other.


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I completely agree with both of you.If there is any alternative of java then c# is the best.
C# has everything that has in java.So if you dont want to learn java then you can choose c#.
c#,Java has great scope and it will give you an advantage in near future.


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It's a silly question, Because every language different thing, If two language has same thing then why develop more than one languages.
So it is difficult to say that who is alternative of java programming. All of you very easily to say that C# is alternative of java programming.
Tell me one thing what is the best alternative of English Language.

steve taylor

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As we know Java is object oriented language. If you want to find alternative of the Java programming, then you should shoes one of those languages which support object oriented programming.I am going to list out some fully object oriented programming language are as :-
  • C++
  • Java
  • Python
  • C#
  • .net
  • Ruby
In which you are comfortable you can adopt them.

Swati Mishra

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These are object oriented programming language such as


but if we talk about alternative of java programming that will be C# because they both are using same technique and tools.

Manish Mishra

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I don't see any other programming language has same capabilities like Java does. However, life is all about changes and i am sure someday some other programming languages may take their place but it is excellent programming languages by now.