What is the best type of advertising?

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There are so many different types of adverting FFA's, classified ads, traffic exchange, Link Exchange, Solo Ad, Banner exchange, etc. Which type of advertising do you think is most effective? Which type of adverting yields the most and best results?


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Well, I think that you if have time to be part of the blogosphere, that would be the best solution to get your news going.

If you are part of a network, it is easy to promote anything, because others will help you when you need it. ( because you will also help them when they need it -> that is all about a network )


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they best advertising is if you can integrate those types as we know that our customers have different types of receiving the message


This is a good question and for the most part I'm not too sure what would be the best on its own and i just know that it is usually better to use a combination of advertising techniques rather than rely on one singular method.

For instance PPC / banners / articles / sponsorship etc all help in combination.

One important advertising technique that has dominated the internet over the last few years has been:

White label advertising.


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I'm not sure also which one is the best. I think it's better if you conduct a study of each technique and base on your study, you can now know the best advertising technique which works on your site.


Co-Op advertising in one of the best ways for the small business owner to get the message out. In this type of advertising the manufacturer absorbs a portion of the cost and can also supply all the artwork for the ads
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