Help Me/Question What Is The Difference Between Array And Arraylist In C#?


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As we know array stores the element of similar type. Example like it stores only char type or only int type or only float type. but not mixture of them. Where as arraylist can store different element.
Array is always fix in size where arraylist may be any size. It is not necessary to declare the size of arraylist.


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That one of the common question when you start coding. So, Main difference between Array vs ArrayList in C# is static nature of Array and dynamic nature of ArrayList. Once created you can not change size of Array but ArrayList can re-size itself when needed. Another notable difference between ArrayList and Array is that Array is part of core Java programming and has special syntax and semantics support in Java, While ArrayList is part of Collection framework along with other popular classes e.g. Vector, Hashtable, HashMap or LinkedList. Hope now you understand the main difference and can deepen into web application development process.