Help Me/Question What Is The Difference Between Core Java And Advance Java?

steve taylor

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Java is the Object oriented programming language. It is most popular programming language. It support all the object oriented programming features like :-
Data abstraction
Data hiding.
Message passing.
Class etc.
In what context advance java is differ from core java and what is the advantages of advance java over core java?

Manish Mishra

Content Writer
Core java basically covers the conceptual parts and coding parts. If you have become proficient with the core java it does mean that you are well aware with the basic concepts and major coding part. With the help of advance java it will get you more into practical business. You will learn how you can implement the core java more practically with the help of advance java.


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Practically there is no thing Like Core java and Advance java. These are only the words used to divide the java concepts into two parts . When you start learn java till applets,multithreading it is core java and after that when you start swings it is considered as advance java.