My 2 Cents What Is The Difference Between Get() Method And Post() Method?


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Get() method and post() methods are used to retrieve query string that is specified in the url after ?.

  • Get() method displays the query string in URL whereas post() method does not display the query string in URL.
  • In get() only 256 characters are allowed to be send whereas in post() there is no limit on the data to be transmitted.
  • Get() method is used to send only text, data like photos, etc,whereas post() method can be used to send any type data.
  • Post() method is more secure than get() method.

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The get method, provides the input in the form of URL and flows as query string, whereas post method uses the http header for data flow.
Get method helps in packing all the entire data in url, whereas the post method, provides the data in http body.

The example of post can be given as :

The example of get can be given as :