Help Me/Question What Is The Difference Between Local Storage And Cookies?


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Cookies data can be accessed by both client as well as by the server. Cookies data accessed by the server when client make the request of webpage. Where as local storage only accessed by the client.And It is only accessed by the server when client send the data to the server.
The size of the cookies is 4095 byte where as size of the is 5 MB per domain.

Pooja Sharma

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The best example of cookies can be taken as a browser. It stores your browsing history in the form of cookies. Local storage store large amount of data as compared to cookies. Local storage is not supported in the older version of the browsers. Local storage is basically a client side storage. The data on local storage can be changed from client side.

niranjan kumar

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Local storage is prefer for storing local data in computer system and local server. but cookies are used in web browser that are used for storing temporary data. These data are most important for generating are delevingne some data web browser to web server.