Help Me/Question What Is The Drawback Of Freelancer?

steve taylor

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Every thing have some Advantages and come disadvantages . I am a freelancer I count some advantages of become a freelancer like:-

Freedom from Boss
No time bound.
Take project according to your choice.
Easy access do project from any where.

But I am not able to figure out disadvantages of become a freelancer.

niranjan kumar

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As you say there are everything have some advantage and disadvantages, nothing is perfect in our world or world wide web.
so, some disadvantage of freelancer is if you work on any project that cost around blow 30 dollar you can not withdraw until you have not earned 30 dollar in freelancer, but there are less disadvantages then the others.

Doominic anderson

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As you write the advantage of freelancer is no time bound,it is good because you can work as per your need,when you have free time you can work there is no boundation of timing but project delivery time is specified before starting project and you have to complete the project on given time bound.
First withdraw cannot happen until your account balance is above 30$.
It is very difficult to take project on regular interval,sometimes you have to wait for days to get project.
You must have 5 rating on biding some projects because it is mentioned by the clients.


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Yes you are right every thing have some Advantages and disadvantages . Such as No employer benefits - If you got a project from Freelancer then you will have to complete their project on given time it means you can't take Sick leaves, Causal leaves and Paid leaves.
And other disadvantage is if you not done their project on given time so your client give you a bad review and Bad review is not good for Freelancer employee.

Swati Mishra

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Sometimes your most clients are on vacations, companies getting better offer than yours, these cases brings you trouble and let you lack of the job. You need to first analyze the situation how you want to do the freelancing and it will be very good to get a permanent freelancing jobs from top companies.


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You were from a tier 4 country, so you can enjoy the money that gets in your hands, but if you were from the tier 1 country then you know the taste of freelancing.
There are more disadvantages of doing Freelance, but it all depends upon us not on those terms or hirers.
We won't get health cards for free medical checkups like in companies they offer.
We won't get holidays like employers get them.
Pay scale won't increase and may fall down, but for an employee pay scale will grow and never drops it.

Prasoon Arora

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Freelancer provides platform for all. If you are new to the freelancer you would not be given preference as compared to those who are already working.One of the other disadvantage is that freelancer payment terms and policies.Its policies like you can not withdraw the amount less than $30 and the withdraw as per the defined cycle and time taken to withdraw may also be counted in its disadvantages.

Zirkon Kalti

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The downside is that you will have an inconsistent income as the flow of work you get are not fixed. You must search for the work yourself and you could possibly earn much lower than your day time job.


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Freelancing have lot of advantages. Apart these advantages there is a problem with getting project . I can not know about experienced people they working since long time as a freelancer . But there is a problem with fresher freelancer in getting their job.


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I don't think there is disadvantages ,it is just some scope of freelancing is limited as it is very difficult to find suitable job for yourself and then grab that job into your pocket , than you can't make it as permanent profession for you is another limitation.

saurabh mathur

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Some of the disadvantages of freelancer are:

You have to make more than your previous salary.
You also have to wear lot more hats.
You also have to deal with inconsistent cash flow.
You will be responsible for finding your own work.
The buck stops with you which means you will no longer have the passing of clients problems to someone else.

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It's fair to say that the advantages of being a freelancer are also the disadvantages, as they are two sides of a coin. But the main thing here is: Are you going to trade suffering the disadvantages to get the advantages? For me, I'm deeply willing to trade employee's benefits to enjoy my freedom at home. So missing out the employee's benefits wouldn't be a big disadvantage for me though, as many would see it that way.