Help Me/Question What is the formula for ad rank on the search network?

Muhammad Rizwan

Content Writer
Google Adwords is such a tool, where you don't need to work too hard to rank your advertisement. Just a few steps are necessary to do before placing ads, in order to get good results.

Firstly you should select keywords from the country you are targeting. Afterwards, you should check for keywords with low competition told by Google Adwords. This is not the keyword competition but the advertisement competition. The best practice is to use a Low or Medium Competition Keyword. It will help you generate more benefits from that particular advertisement. Moreover, Bid will also be of low cost and you can easily afford it.

Zirkon Kalti

Content Writer
Ads with the highest CPC bid and quality score will get ranked on the first position. Other factors that are taken into account in the ad ranking are relevancy of your ads to the user's search queries, optimization of the landing page and relevance of the keywords you use in the text.

steve taylor

White Belt
There are some rules of PPC CPC and google adwords registration :
  • The content of your website should not be copy paste (Its should be contain unique content) .
  • Your website should have at least fifteen web pages .
  • Each web page contain at least 500 words or more .
  • If these criteria is fulfilled by your website then you can go for registration for PPC CPC and Google Adwords.
  • Once the your website is registered then you can receive ad on your website and make money .