My 2 Cents What Is The Greatest Wonder In This World?


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The famous Hindu epic Mahabharata narrates an incident, which is like this:
Yama, the God of Death asked Yudhisthira, the Pandava King renowned for his righteousness: “What is the greatest wonder in this world?”
Yudhisthira replied: “Several people are dying around us every day. Yet every person thinks that he will never die”.
This is an amazing contradiction of life, which is known as ‘Maya’ or illusion.

If the same question is asked today, what would be your answer?


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Yudhisthira is exactly right. We all know that we have to leave this world one day alone and there will be nobody to accompany us. This is the eternal truth, but even after knowing that we are ready to do any unscrupulous things to earn wealth which has no meaning once you are dead. Money is required to lead a comfortable life, but we are never satisfied with the money we have and always look for more. We even forget to spend time with our loved ones in our hectic lifestyle in pursuit of money.

I think Yudhisthira's words have great relevance in today's world. We can see young people misbehaving with aged ones as if he will never get old.


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According to me the greatest word is that supernatural power to whom we called as GOD. Some people believe it some people not but it still get proven many times that there is some such type of power which is monitoring and controlling us.


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We don't really know, but there is one thing that we can do. Trust God and believe that one day he will be coming here in this world and judge us all.

Manish Mishra

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Yes, like @networld says, the money has become an essential part of people lives and so the another wonder since the hunger of getting it is like pouring water in the ocean. No matter how much you pour it will never be full after all human becomes a greedy and this greed get them busy following the following all his life and he hardly enjoy it.

niranjan kumar

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Our existence is greatest wonder in the world.
who am i ?
Many religions exist around the world and each religion have own story for existence.
but no one say exactly who am i and what is the reason of own existence.
So,Our existence is greatest wonder in the world.