My 2 Cents What Is The Header File In C++

Swati Mishra

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The first statement we use in the program that is the iostream header file. This is called Preprocessor directive. Preprocessor directives are the statements that are the processed before the program is compiled. Which software handles the preprocessor directives called the preprocessor.
The header file contain the definition of functions, classes and the predefined objects like the Cout and the Cin.


#include <iostream>


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Header file contain the definition of the predefined function. The header file iostream.h contain the function definition of cout , cin, ect. cout and cin is the output and input stream function. Predefined function have no need to compile it .code of predefined function expanded during the compilation.

Manish Mishra

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It is the collection of existing functions, files and folders that a programming language already have installed with the software and without these you cannot get your programming done.
e.g. #include stdio.h refers to how the programme will be dealing with the input and output during the execution of program.