Help Me/Question What Is The Need Of Normalization In Rdbms?

steve taylor

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Relational data base management system organize the data in the form row and columns . I have a data of college student and I want to manage a table . There are all attributes of the table are as follows :-
student name.
Roll number.(unique)
Date of Birth.
Phone number (May have more than one mobile number)
Which normal form is suitable for above relation.


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Above database is normal one can be maintained in 1st normalization form also. Normalization is required where dependency,redundancy of data is occurring because of using single table for whole data. I most of the situations for such data we prefer to acquire 3rd normalization form.


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Normalization reduce the redundancy . Suppose we maintain student a database in this database. student table contain more than one record for student A. In this condition it is very difficult to retrieve the data according to key because there are no unique value in any field. To resolve these type of problem we are going to database normalization.

Pooja Sharma

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Normalization in RDBMS is used to increase the normality of the data by removing the redundancy in data. Redundancy comes while entering same data more than once during data insertion. There are many stages of Normalization process..:
1. 1NF
2. 2NF
3. 3NF
4. BC NF
5. 5NF...etc..

Raw data is normalized in all forms.

Swati Mishra

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normalization is the technique to organize the data in database, it use for eliminating redundant data. and the data is logically stored.

saurabh mathur

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We need to ensure that all the data structures are able to be implemented in relational database.It is required for organizing the content of tables for transnational databases and data warehouses. It is the part of successful database design without normalization or database system should be inaccurate.

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