My 2 Cents What Is The Point Of Google Plus?

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To most webmasters, Google Plus or G+ needs absolutely no introduction. Some of use have been using it to share stuff, drive traffic to our website and use the local business feature to get out business on Google Map locally.

Some people, especially those relatively new to webmastering do wonder what the point of G+ is. They may even have sign up to is and +1 a few images and website but when it come to the direct benefit it can have on your website apart from just placing its logo on your site and linking to your G+ page, what can G+ actually do for your website?

Well, there are lot of different answers to because different people use G+ differently.
We will very much like to hear how you have been using G+ by joining the G+ discussion thread.


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I think like other social networking sites G+ is also a social networking site. We can also use it for generating traffic and doing search engine marketing.
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