Help Me/Question What Is The Purpose Of Replication?

steve taylor

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Distribution means keep a thing more than one places for better availability of the data and faster response. Distribution achieve through Local Area Network , Internet And Metropolitan area network. In the distributed data base we distribute date such a way that frequent uses date must be keep whether they are frequently required . But What is the purpose of Replication of data in database?

Manish Mishra

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Replication of the data in the database does mean to a frequent copying of the data from one computer or one server to another computer or another server.

It is used because of it can be shared among the different users and make the data available on various computers or servers that is used by different users within an organization.


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Replication means copy of the data or some thing. Replication are used in the database to provide better availability and security of the data. In this process various copy of the data are spread over the local server so that overall access time of the data can be minimized.


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Replication means to create a duplicate copy of the data or table and the main advantage of the replicated object is that it does not reflect the changes made in it to the original copy that is it create the whole new copy of the object which you can use for another purpose .

saurabh mathur

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The purpose of replication is producing two identical copies of DNA molecule. This is essential process of DNA. It allows the cells for diving them with equal quantity of genes. The main purpose of it is to ensure that each cell in an organism has complete and correct copy of organism

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