Help Me/Question What Is The Purpose Of Using Data Models?


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Data model is an integrated collection of concept that describes the data, the relationships and the constraints applied on that data.Data model consist of 3 things:
  • Structural part
  • Manipulative part
  • Integrity rules and constraints.
The purpose of designing the data model is to make the data understandable, to make the manipulations easy to do as well as to apply the integrity rules and constraint to meke the data consistant.

Data Models are broadly categorised into:
  • Object Oriented data model
  • Physical data model
  • Record based data model.

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Data models helps in specifying elements and associated the relationship of one to other. Data models associate the data designing and provides the flow of representation of data that can be utilized to collect and store data to be used whenever required.

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Logical data modelling illustrate the specific entries, attributes and the relationships which are involved in the business function. The main purpose of data modelling is providing the precise language and syntax to represent the information and it's internal structure. It provide the structural context for designing data repository.

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data model helps us get the raw idea of how the database is working and the tables are interconnected for the data manipulation.


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Data modeling is a technique used to define and organize your business processes. It allows you to create a visual description of your business by analyzing, understanding and clarifying your data requirements and how they underpin your business processes.