Help Me/Question What Is The Various Google Ranking Factor?

steve taylor

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Before we go to apply search engine optimization technique on any website it is very important to know about factors which affects the tanking of the website. If we understand the factors of the google ranking then it is also helps in website development phase because we can use on page search engine optimization technique efficiently.

niranjan kumar

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Approx 200 ranking factors are defined by google. These are changes and update time to time.
Google all algorithms are major ranking factor in search engine optimization. Such as social signal, penguin updates, pigeon update, local search result and many more.
First you need to know about the search engine optimization technique then read about ranking factors.


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There are so many ranking factor in google, Some of these are in on-page Factor, Off-page factor, Site factor and domain factor.
In on-page factor:-
  • Keyword in title tag.
  • Length of the content.
  • Content Updates.
  • Keyword in URL.
  • Keyword in H1 tag.
Off Page factors:
  • Authority of linking domain.
  • Anchor Link.
  • Number of dofollow vs. nofollow links.
Some of these are in Site factors:
  • Sitemap.
  • Mobile optimised site.
  • Google Webmasters Tools integration.
  • Domain trust.
These are in Domain
  • Domain registration length.
  • Domain history.

Zirkon Kalti

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If you want to rank first, I suggest you to write long articles that are detailed covering as many points as possible. This is because Google is always searching for informative and authoritative post that have the best information for the user when deciding which site to rank on the first page.

Swati Mishra

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There are lot of Google factors and we can discuss all of them at once in a single day. Still, the major important phase is the keywords and how the website is optimized using various sources Google offers you to use.


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Ranking in Google these days are totally different and am too not getting why my sites are ranking or not ranking. The best method is to add a picture, video, great content that will rank in top. Give a try and see as few of my bog posts get traffic even the article is around 300 words.
I didn't bookmarked or shared on social media, but the traffic drives. There are lots of things in ranking factors, but it is hard to recognize.

Manish Mishra

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There are lot of known metrics used by SE's in order to give the SERP's results for a particular keyword. There can be a lot of competition and each website can have their own techniques to optimize their websites and it changes from one person/company to another.

Still, some of the major and easy possible tactics are followed by most seo experts and webmasters.