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Help Me/Question What Is User Friendly Website?

Discussion in 'Web Design and Graphics' started by johnsmith123, May 11, 2017.

  1. johnsmith123

    johnsmith123 Yellow Belt

  2. SarbjitGrewal

    SarbjitGrewal New Member

    Website that provide easy navigation and eye catching user interface that is called user friendly website.
  3. stewartcristan

    stewartcristan New Member

    Mobile Compatibility
    Accessible to All Users
    Well Planned Information Architecture
    Well-Formatted Content That Is Easy to Scan
    Fast Load Times
    Browser Consistency
    Effective Navigation
    Valid Mark-Up & Clean Code
    Contrasting Colour Scheme
    Usable Forms
  4. RH-Calvin

    RH-Calvin Yellow Belt

    User friendly refers to the techniques used to build a website that helps browsers to surf around easily. A user friendly website should have good design, good content and easy navigation. Browser should be able to find anything on your website easily and at a single click from the homepage. User friendly websites are popular over the internet and helps to rank higher in search engines.
  5. ademar

    ademar White Belt

    Fast Loading time
    Search Engine facility,
    Proper Navigation,
    Mobile Friendly
    Contrasting colour scheme
  6. Theomax

    Theomax White Belt

    A user-friendly website should be accessible to every single person – this includes the blind, disabled and elderly. These users usually rely on screen readers to access the Internet. Use web design techniques to make your website easily accessible on screen readers so your website is available to a wider audience.
  7. mouni

    mouni White Belt

    Following are the main features of a user-friendly website:
    - Mobile Compatibility
    - Faster Load Time
  8. neelseowork

    neelseowork Yellow Belt

    The first thing a visitor notices is how quickly a page loads.
    Don't use Flash.
    Make sure your site is accessible for everyone.

    User Friendly Navigation
    User Friendly Web Content
    User Friendly Design.

    focus on all these points. it will definately help you to make your site user friendly.
  9. neelseofast

    neelseofast White Belt

    Refer a book of SEO. you will get detailed information how to create user friendly website.

    use user friendly content and design. make sure site is accessible in mobile as well as tablet.
  10. Asiah

    Asiah White Belt

    Responsiveness, User Friendly and fast load time are the keynotes to achieve user satisfaction and best website credit.
  11. naseem

    naseem Yellow Belt

    A user-friendly website is required for easy access by users.
  12. Inheritx Solutions

    Inheritx Solutions White Belt

    A user-friendly website is a website that is designed to deliberately help the customers achieve their goal in being on that website.

    If a website was designed simply based on aesthetics and the designers know less about who they are designing for and why then it's a hit or miss whether the intended customers will feel that the website is user-friendly.
  13. joy adams

    joy adams New Member

    A website that is easy to use is called user friendly

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