Help Me/Question What Is Websql?


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WebSQL is a structural RDBMS which is resides on client browser. It is a local relational database which is nterated in client browser . With the help webSQL we can fire the SQL query remotely. we can use the webSQL by open the database by using command "opendatabase". After that we can fire the webSQL command.

niranjan kumar

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Mysql is most widely used in website development , there are many other database that are also used for website backend design. But all these are used for making strong website backend.
Few of backdraw are of mysql is available but these are minor.


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Web SQL Database is a site page API for putting away information in databases that can be questioned utilizing a variation of SQL. The API is upheld by Google Chrome, Opera, Safari and the Android Browser.

saurabh mathur

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Web SQL was the deprecated because standards are really very important and are turning into proper standard.It is the web page API for storing the data in database that can be queried using the a variant SQL. This database API is not actually a part of the HTML 5 specification but can be separated with specification that introduces a set of APIs to manipulate client side database using SQL.

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