My Experience What is your internet speed?

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Oooooer now this is a subject to get my blood boiling...

I'm with AOL for my sins and should have a 2Meg connection but at the best I am lucky if I get 900Kbps and it's been as low as 286Kbps.

AOL keep fobbing me off with excuses and they have got even worse after they where taken over by Talk Talk part of Carphone warehouse.

I know I will be moving ISP as soon as my current contract expires.

BT tested my line but the max speed I could get would be 3Meg on an 8Meg connection due to the distance from the exchange.

Can anyone recommend a good honest ISP in the UK ?

Mike :)


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Tiscali are a good ISP

For ?20 per month you will get upto 8MB broadband, free UK landline calls 7 days a week and they have also launched a new offer to pay your BT line rental :)

Miss Miaow

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Wow, 4MB is pretty fast!

I only have 2Mbps connection, but I only get like 1Mbps. It's fast enough but I'm still frustrated with my DSL connection. It gets disconnected all the time.
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