Help Me/Question What kind of seo techniques are there?

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SEO(serach engine marketing) is one of best internet marketing under the head of SEM(serach engine marketing). There are two techniaues of SEO. One is white hat seo and othere is called black hat seo. It is also called ethical and unethical seo. Which seo follow the policies and rules and regulaions of seo is called white hat seo. black hat seo is that which is not folllow the polices and rules and regulations of SE Keywords stuffing, invisable text and doorway pages are some tools of Black hat seo.


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Its quite great experience to read about Black Hat and White Hat SEO. I must say this is quite helpful and informative to read.

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SEO techniques:

Off page SEO: search engine submission, directory submission, social bookmarking, blogging, forum posting.

On Page SEO: keyword research, keyword analysis, competition rate analysis, content optimization, XML and HTML site-map.


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Recently i was listen there is 3 types of SEO.
1. White hat SEO
2. Black hat SEO
3. Gray hat SEO
is this right..???


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Seo is the part of internet marketing. It is used for the promoting the sites or business and increase the ranking of the site in search engine result pages.
Seo is divide into two categories named as off page optimization and on page optimization.


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SEO is good for the business as the Bill Gates said if your business is not on Internet then your business is out of business.


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There is shortcut but just for short term. You will think it is fun and easy in the beginning but wait when time passes by. And in the end you will asked yourself. Does this really worth it because you already tired doing all that "seo stuff".


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SEO very important topic for website owners and user. In Simple words SEO a technique that search engines crawl a website and understand the content automatically and its give the result for a user.


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Following are the things which you can do in SEO:

In On Page Optimization:

  • Market Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Approved/Desired Keywords Implementation on site
  • Meta Tag Optimization
  • Title Tag Optimization
  • H1 H2 Tags Optimization
  • Anchor Text Optimization
  • Image Optimization
  • Site content optimization
  • HTML code Validation and optimization
  • Broken Link fixing (if found)
Off Page Optimization:

  1. Search Engine Submission
  2. Directories submission (search engine friendly/relevant directories)
  3. Social bookmarking such as delicious, reddit, diggo.
  4. Article Syndication (Article writing & Submission: Manual Submission on High Authority websites
  5. Blog Optimization
  6. Blogs Creation (Wordpress, Blogger etc.)
  7. Social Network Marketing such as account on,, Twitter.
  8. Google Brand page Implementation
  9. Classified Advertisements
  10. Video Marketing (if available) French seo services.jpg


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SEO techniques are:

Onpage SEO: Title tag, Meta Description, Keywords, Alt Text, Sitemap, Content Marketing

Offpage SEO: Guest posting, Forums, Article Syndication, Blog Commenting, Classifieds, Press Release, Business Listings


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There are two techniques are:-

1. Offpage seo: Bookmarking, Directory, Article, Blog, Forum Posting .........

2. Onpage seo: Title tag, Meta Description, Keywords, Alt Text, Sitemap, Content Marketing
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